What Should I Do?

  • I’m Failing a Class!  What Should I do?

    First, tell your parents, teachers, and counselors.  They can’t help you improve if they don’t know you’re having trouble.  And, if you don’t ask for help, sometimes people assume it’s because you just don’t care.

    Don’t blindly ask for extra credit.  Think of a specific assignment you could make up or improve, and ask your teacher about it.  For example, if you got a 0 on your Science Project for not handing it in, ask if you can turn it in late for partial credit.

    Look for small opportunities.  Many teachers will allow you to earn extra points by correcting a graded test or worksheet.  Also, most teachers require some type of bell ringer at the beginning of every class; these are often used to boost grades.  Don’t let these little point-builders pass you by!

    Never get another 0 again.  Zeros drag your grade down tremendously.  Look at an example:  If you had a 95, a 90, and a 0 on your homework grades you would think you’d have at least a B average, right? WRONG.

    Get organized.  Start carrying your MMS daily planner  so that you always know about upcoming due dates. If you need help setting up a calendar or organization system, let your parent help you or come see a counselor.  Also, clean out your locker once a week.  (Before homeroom is a good time because you won’t have to rush between classes.)