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District Departments » Health Services » Staff Contact List - Health Services

Staff Contact List - Health Services

If you need to send an email to one of our staff members, simply click on their name and an email should open.




School Phone #

Buckhorn High

Laura McFarlen, MSN, RN

256-851-3300 X 21138

Buckhorn Middle

Pamela Christensen, BSN, RN

256-851-3230 X 22010


Jeanie Pritchett, BSN, RN

256-851-4671 X 35010


Paige Burrough, BSN, RN

256-851-4620 X 55010


Dawn Tittle, BSN, RN

256-851-4590 X 45010

Hazel Green Elementary

Bekah Boswell, BSN, RN

256-851-4540 X 13010

Hazel Green High

Audria Thomas, BSN, RN

256-851-3220 X 11010


Meagan Imsand, BSN, RN

256-851-4630 X 54010

Lynn Fanning

Lindsey Patterson, MSN, RN

256-851-4680 X 15010

Madison County Elementary

Jenni Jones, BSN, RN

256-851-3290 X 34010

Madison County High

Sarah Fulks, BSN, RN

256-851-3270 X 32010

Madison Cross Roads

Kimberly Kemner, BSN, RN

256-851-4600 X 44010

Meridianville Middle

Dawn Latham, BSN, RN

256-851-4550 X 12010

Monrovia Elementary

Gayle Stevenson, BSN, RN

256-851-4570 X 53010

Monrovia Middle

Sharon Phelps, MSN, RN

256-851-4580 X 52010

Mt Carmel

Patti Sullivan, BSN, RN

256-851-4660 X 26010

Moore’s Mill Intermediate

Kandace Moore, MSN, RN

256-851-4700 X 16010

New Hope Elementary

Lisa Mullane, BSN, RN

256-851-3260 X 33010

New Hope High

Chasiti Tidwell, BSN, RN

256-851-3280 X 31010

New Market

Carrie O’Barr, RN

256-851-3250 X 23010

Owens Cross Roads

Stacey Whitley, BSN, RN

256-851-3240 X 36010

Riverton Elementary

Melissa Lewallen, MSN, RN, NCSN

256-851-4650 X 24010

Riverton Intermediate

Kelley King, BSN, RN

256-851-4640 X 25010

Sparkman High

Teffeny Collier-Wright, BSN, RN

256-837-0331 X 41010

Sparkman High

Tammy Roberts, BSN, RN

256-837-0331 X 41192

Sparkman Middle

Rachel Miller, BSN, RN

256-851-4610 X 43010

Sparkman 9

Sue Olson, BSN, RN, NCSN

256-851-4560 X 42010

Walnut Grove

Cynthia Fitch, BSN, RN

256-851-4690 X 14010

Lead Nurse

Donna Stiles, MSN, RN, NCSN

256-852-2557 X 62233


Travel Nurse

Shannon Watts, BSN, RN  

Clerical Aide

Trish Clardy

256-852-2557 X 62238