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2018 Job Fair: May 18, 2018

Pay Information


Checks shall be distributed to all employees each month on the last work day for 12-month employees.  Any deviation from this schedule will require board approval.  

Your salary is based on the number of days on your contract. To find your daily rate, divide your contracted salary by the number of days contracted.  This does not apply to eleven and twelve month employees.

All employee contracts will be divided over 12 months. Nine and ten month employees will receive their first payroll check on the last working day in September.  Contracts are paid September through August each year.

The Madison County Board of Education makes direct deposit of payroll checks availabe to all employees. This allows your payroll check to be deposited directly into your bank account, and you do not have to worry about checks being lost in the mail or any delay in receiving your checks.

Board policy states that all new employees will be required to participate in the direct deposit program effective in May of 2001.  Effective July 1, 2002, all employees will be required to participate in the direct deposit program.

Please read the Direct Deposit Application carefully before completing. You will receive a "direct deposit statement".  The statement will have a payable amount of $.00.  You should examine the statement each month to make sure your deductions are correct and verify the amount of federal and state tax that is being withheld monthly.

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