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2018 Job Fair: May 18, 2018
Information Technology » BID # 18-02

BID # 18-02





Contract Period: (Page 5)

  • Is there any legal or policy requirement on why you're requesting a one-year term? Are longer terms an option? We have the option to extend the contract to 5 years


  • Do you prefer either an operational-cost model, or a capital-expense model, or are both considerations?  Just a monthly or a yearly amount


Section 3.1 Scope of Work  (Page 7-8)


Section 3.1

  • B. How is HyperV/VMware currently utilized in the school system? Is HyperV/VMware functionality essential or may phone system modules run in a Mac or Windows environment?
  • HyperV is used as primary VM solution. No VMware currently. Hardware can run on Windows, but not on Mac.
  • H. Dial by extension directories are location based, not departmental. Will this suffice? We want 1 main directory.
  • I. Does the panic button go to one phone to intercom or a group? Vary on school preference
  • M.B. How many people need access for a single number to send a fax from a computer with a PDF file?  All need that capability Will you also use existing traditional stand alone fax machines? Yes If so, how many traditional stand alone fax machines do we need to interface with? 30
  • Around 100 will fax from PC. Roughly one fax machine per school, so say 30-40ish.
  • P. We can interface with devices such as this with either an FXS or an FXO port. What model system are you currently using to see how we can interface with it and how is the schedule done? Do you expect Star2Star to have the automatic timing for the bells to ring through our system? Yes.  Each school will need bells and eventually intercoms


Section 3.1.1 Using Existing Equipment (Page 9-10)


Adopting Phones: All your existing phone models are adoptable to Star2Star. Our current phones MUST be USED with all features stated.

  • Do the current phone owners have the admin password credentials? This will make it more efficient to factory re-set and speed adoption. Phones have default 456 password, users do not know it.
  • How many phones need full UCaaS features? (Voice mail, DID, find-me-follow-me, call forwarding, etc. Star2Star can customize feature sets by phone to be more cost effective.) All phones should have these features.
  • Please define what you mean by "Gateway."  For example, A CISCO 232D. Netvanta xxxx Adtran
  • What exactly are the 35 gateways used for? Make and Model? to provide analog service for fire alarms and faxes phones only now
  • Describe the firewalls at each site; model at each site. ASC controls our firewalls
  • Are we adopting any Ethernet POE switches? If so, please indicate quantity and make of model of each( A network diagram is a plus as well.) They are HP or Adtran, and all POE ports.  I will give the winning vendor a complete diagram
  • In "K" on page 10, you indicate the "system will be incorporated with 14 existing using it now for paging and bells." Would you please provide a diagram of the current design/configuration?  I will give the winning vendor a complete diagram


Network To Be Used for Voice Traffic: 

  • Please confirm either internet or MPLS as the primary circuit to carry voice traffic. Vlans
  • Please provide a network diagram  I will give the winning vendor a complete diagram


  • How many public IPs's do you current have? How many are available and not being used? We have a large pool we can use from ASC.
  • Do any locations have alarm systems? if so, please confirm these will not use the same primary circuit as the voice.  The are using cellular
  • Do any locations have door strikes/card swipe? If so, please confirm these will not use the same primary circuit as the voice.  Different Vlan


Number of Speakers to be used:

  • 510 -  Indoor IP Speakers
  • 213 - Companion Speakers
  • 292 - Outside Ip Horns




1.) Will the current network cabling be used for existing phones?  Yes

2.) Is the vendor responsible for installing new data cabling for speakers?  No, I will get them hung and and terminated in the rack.  I will provide the jumper

3.) If so, what is the preferred cabling, CAT5 or CAT6?  We only use cat6


  1. Paragraph 4: How many Copies of the bid are requested?  3
  2. Page 2 Paragraph 7: Is bid bond required?  Yes if your bid exceeds $10,000. Page 5 Section III. Contract Period 1. What does the District envision in 3 mo, 6 mo. and 1 year contracts? RFP, If it is a monthly charge, I need to see that amount, if a yearly then I need to see that.  This agreement can be extended to 5 years

3.1 Scope of Work 1. How many 100 participant meet me bridges does the District envision needing? 1

  1. How many fax machines per site? 1-2 3. How many auto attendants does the district need? 1 per school or more? upto 35
  2. How many call queues does the district need? up to 35
  3. What is the application for the call queues? Is it per school, district or other? Per school, and possibly per department
  4. Does the school have a standardized bell schedule platform? not at this time, Do you plan to? Yes your recommendation
  5. How many numbers will we be porting to the new system? around 50
  6. How many gateway devices are being used at each site for paging? We will be adding up to 1000 IP Based Speakers
  7. Are the paging devices connecting via FXS or FXO ports to the gateway? They will be IP Based
  8. How long do you anticipate saving call recordings?  5 days How many recordings may be saved at any one time? 100
  9. Since call recording will be ad hoc, how will recordings be triggered? by a key code Who will decide which calls are recorded? The person on our phones Will/Can the end-user be aware of recordings in progress? We will have a disclaimer on our policy and procedure agreement and on the auto attendant
  10. Will any analog lines be retained for fire, fax, and/or 911 purposes? If so, please list the locations and purpose.  Not if we can help it. and if forced with your solution 1 at every location (30).


If any License fee state on bid response page

If any annual  maintenance fee state on bid response page