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Primary Purposes:
  • To assess students’ mastery of early reading skills
  • To provide teachers and parents with a better understanding of a
    student’s strengths, weaknesses, and progress in the major
    developmental areas of early literacy
  • To provide information to the teachers and parents in a
    time-efficient manner
  • To assist teachers with the development of classroom instruction
    appropriate for the student

  • Kindergarten assesses Initial Sound Fluency, Letter Naming Fluency,
    Phoneme Segmentation, and Nonsense Word Fluency.
  • First Grade assesses Letter Naming Fluency, Phoneme
    Segmentation, Nonsense Word Fluency, and Oral Reading Fluency
  • Second Grade assesses Nonsense Word Fluency and Oral Reading

Additional Information:
  • Benchmarks are administered three (3) times – fall, midyear, and
  • Progress Monitoring is consistently done throughout the school year.