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Resources » 2019 Summer Meals Program for Kids & Teens

2019 Summer Meals Program for Kids & Teens

We’ve Saved a Place for You! Sit down and eat with us at Break for a Plate, where Alabama’s kids eat free—along with teens in our state—all summer while school is out. List of school meal sites is below.
Is It True What Parents Say About Summer Meals?

What do you know about the Summer Meal Programs? With so much information out there, sometimes things get confusing. Let’s clear up some of the common misconceptions families have about Summer Meals!

MYTH #1: Summer Meal programs are only for young children.
FACT: Anyone 18 and under can receive meals through USDA’s Summer Meal Programs! Teens face the same risks of food insecurity in the summer, so make sure your teens are taking advantage of free summer meals too!
MYTH #2: To get a meal, I have to sign my children up at the site ahead of time.
FACT: Our site is an “open site”. This means it is open to the community and does not require children to sign up in advance or even “check-in” at the site. Children and teens must simply show up at the site to get their meal. Remember, the meal has to be eaten at the site.
MYTH #3: I have to submit income information, legal status, or other personal information about my family, in order for my child to be welcomed to a Summer Meal site.
FACT: Our “open meal site” is open to the community. Parents are not required to give any personal information about their children to site operators in order for the child to receive a free meal.