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MCSS Flyer Distribution Guidelines

MCSS Flyer Distribution Guidelines

As part of our ongoing commitment to be more environmentally friendly and ensure stakeholders have quick and easy access to critical information, the Madison County School System (MCSS) will no longer distribute paper flyers. Digital flyer distribution will be the only method of flyer distribution.

Schools should direct internal and external organizations to submit flyers to the MCSS Communications Department for approval and distribution. 

  • External organizations should submit flyers seven (7) days before the requested distribution date.
  • Internal organizations (PTA/PTO, Boosters, Clubs) may submit flyers at any time.

The Flyer Submission Form will be available on the MCSS website.

The program/activity must be considered appropriate for approval as determined by the Superintendent or Communications Department. Flyers will be viewable on the Community Bulletin Board on the MCSS website and distributed via email to the appropriate school or schools each Friday.  

Approval Criteria

  • The organization must be a: 
    • Nonprofit or charitable organization (proof of tax-exempt status is required)
    • Civic or internal school organizations such as a PTA/PTO, booster club, or student organization
    • Commercial organization approved by the school principal and Superintendent for school fundraising or school-sponsored activities.
  • The program/activity must not violate any law.
  • The program/activity must serve public school-age children and be of educational, civic, or cultural value. All informational or promotional materials must be consistent with the academic nature of the MCSS. 
  • Flyers must not be vulgar or otherwise socially inappropriate due to the maturity level of students.
  • Flyers must not be defamatory or insulting to any group or individual.
  • Flyers must contain this required disclaimer: Distribution of this flyer does not imply MCSS endorsement, approval, or support of this program/activity.

Required Information

  • The following information is required when submitting a flyer for consideration:
    • Name and address of the organization
    • Proof of tax-exempt status for nonprofit organizations
    • Name, email address, and phone number of the contact person
    • Name(s) of the school(s) to receive the flyer.
  • Flyers must be in ADA compliant PDF format - no drafts or scanned images of flyers. 

Flyers must be 8.5 x 11 and not exceed 2 MB.

Flyer Submission Form

Friday Flyers

Flyers are emailed to parents each Friday as necessary. Flyers will only be emailed to the schools listed on your Flyer Submission Form. Flyers will be available to view on the Community Bulletin Board at this link.