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Program Description

The Title VI  program is designed to address the unique education and culturally related academic needs of American Indian students by providing supplemental educational services, at no cost to the student.    

An entitlement grant to Madison County School System provides for services that coordinate with other programs and supplement the regular academic program with culturally specific resources.
Purpose of Indian Education:
  • To assist Indian students in meeting challenging academic standards.
  • To support the district mission and assist in closing the achievement gap.
  • To supplement and enrich the regular academic program with cultually specific learning resources for Indian students.  
  • To allow parents, community, and students a meaningful role in program planning.   
The Indian Education Program Offers:
  • Culture support for all Indian Students-Grades K-8
  • Scholarship Information for High School Students -Grades 9-12
  • Annual Newsletter
  • Resource Materials for all schools
  • Parent Advisory Committee