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Who decides how Title I funds are used in the schools?

Each school decides how Title I funds will be used in their school to improve education for all children.  Site based leadership teams in collaboration with parents and leadership teams determine how Title I funds will be used to help support the school’s identified needs. All funds must be spent on supplemental services that are necessary, reasonable, and allowable under Federal Guidelines. Multiple sources of data are reviewed to determine the greatest needs in a school and devise strategies to improve student achievement in the school through a schoolwide continuous improvement plan (CIP).

  • What is CIP?
    CIP is your school’s Continuous Improvement Plan and includes:
    • A Needs Assessment and Summary of Data
    • Goals and Strategies to Address Academic Needs of Students
    • Professional Development Needs
    • Coordination of Resources and Comprehensive Budget
    • The School’s parent and family engagement policy
  • Title I parents have the right to be involved in the development of this plan.