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National Board Certified Educators

National Board Certified Teachers

National Board Certification is an advanced teaching credential that complements, but does not replace, an educator’s Professional Educator Certificate. It is one of the most respected professional certifications available in the field of education and provides many professional benefits to teachers, students and schools. National Board Certification is achieved upon successful completion of a voluntary assessment program designed to recognize accomplished teachers who meet high standards based on what teachers should know and be able to do.

Alabama is now ranked No. 7 in the nation with 3,116 National Board Certified Teachers. The Madison County School System currently has 52 National Board Certified Teachers.


  1. Sarah Adams- Madison County Career Tech Center
  2. Allison Albert- Madison Cross Roads Elementary School
  3. Jennifer Arnold- Lynn Fanning Elementary School
  4. Brandi Ashmore- Buckhorn High School
  5. Marsha Asquith- Meridianville Middle School
  6. Carrie Bates- Buckhorn High School
  7. Amy Cassity- Madison Cross Roads Elementary School
  8. Dawn Cole- Hazel Green High School
  9. Whitney Collier- Lynn Fanning Elementary School
  10. Elizabeth (Erin) Coggins- Sparkman High School
  11. Lucretia Conaway- Monrovia Middle School
  12. Melanie Cullen- Legacy Elementary Schools
  13. Kelly Deiss- Sparkman 9th Grade School
  14. Tysha Douglass- Buckhorn Middle School
  15. Brooklyn McCarley Duvall- Sparkman Middle School
  16. Kristie Forbes- Buckhorn Middle School
  17. Kim Foster- Buckhorn Middle School
  18. Holly Franklin- New Market School
  19. Tracie Franklin- Moores Mill Intermediate School
  20. Sharon Freeman- Riverton Elementary School
  21. Machiah Fuqua- Sparkman Middle School
  22. Merri Gardunia- Sparkman Middle School
  23. Brandi Glenn- Meridianville Middle School
  24. Wendie Hammond- Hazel Green High School
  25. Emily Hembree- Owens Cross Roads Elementary School
  26. Pamela Henson- Monrovia Middle School
  27. Ashley Hill- New Hope Elementary School
  28. Jenda Hillis- Meridianville Middle School
  29. Andrea Hills- Buckhorn High School
  30. Mary Hovik- Riverton Intermediate School
  31. Anna Huffman- Buckhorn Middle School
  32. Danielle Hutcheson- Madison County Elementary School
  33. Amanda Jackson- Sparkman Middle School
  34. Ann Johnson- Sparkman Middle School
  35. Ashly Johnston- Sparkman High School
  36. Amber Kimbrell- Sparkman High School
  37. Teresa King- Owens Cross Roads Elementary School
  38. Tausha Knight- Central Office
  39. Mitzi Lancaster- Lynn Fanning Elementary School
  40. Stephani Ledbetter Markham- Monrovia Middle School
  41. Amanda Lemons- Central Office
  42. Allison MacKenzie- Madison County Elementary School
  43. Rebecca Mann- Lynn Fanning Elementary School 
  44. Diane Marsh- Mt. Carmel Elementary School
  45. Margaret McLawhorn- Buckhorn High School
  46. Rebecca McQueen- Sparkman Middle School
  47. Kayla Miller- Moores Mill Intermediate School
  48. Amy O'Dell- Moores Mill Intermediate School
  49. Elizabeth Orbison- Riverton Intermediate School
  50. Valerie Owen- Riverton Elementary School
  51. Cassie Parsons- Teacher Resource Center
  52. Mindy Pierce- Buckhorn Middle School
  53. Sarah Posey- Riverton Elementary School
  54. Amanda Salazar- Moores Mill Intermediate School
  55. Leslie Sedberry- Sparkman High School
  56. Casey Scheppler (Hilliard)- Riverton Elementary School
  57. Carl "Rick" Schomberg- Monrovia Middle School
  58. Allison Schwartz- Riverton Elementary School
  59. Deanna Spencer- Owens Cross Roads School
  60. Jessica Stapler- Hazel Green Elementary School
  61. Amelia White- Buckhorn High School
  62. Sarah Wildes- Sparkman Middle School
  63. Tracy Wilson- Buckhorn High School