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Mental Health Opt-In

The Madison County School System (MCSS) provides or sponsors mental health services ranging from awareness and prevention to intervention and support. A new law in Alabama requires parents/custodians of students under the age of 14 to give written consent for their child to receive mental health services at school. For your children under 14 to receive these services, the parent/custodian must complete the Mental Health Opt-In Form inside the PowerSchool Parent Portal.

Note: If you do not opt-in, your child may still be provided mental health services if there is an imminent threat to their health or others. MCSS employees may use their discretion to determine whether such an imminent threat exists and provide any mental health services they deem necessary under such circumstances.

Step by Step Instructions- Web Browser:

  1. Access the PowerSchool Parent Portal from your web browser and log into your account.
  2. Click on the Forms icon on the left side of the screen.
  3. Click on the Madison County Schools Parental Opt-In Form for Mental Health Services.
  4. Read through the information carefully.
  5. Check the box beside the mental health services you would like to "opt-in" for your child to participate in the counseling services listed.
  6. Type your name in the "Signature of Parent/Guardian" box.
  7. Click submit to finalize the form, which will attach your preferences to your child's school account for access by counselors and administrators.
  8. OR Save for later to revise and make changes before submitting to the school.

PowerSchool Parent Portal App: Log into the app, look for "More" in the bottom right-hand corner of the page, then click on Forms.

Note: You may change your preferences for Mental Health Services at any time, however, you may only submit your choices in PowerSchool once. If you wish to make changes to your preferences after you have already submitted the form, please contact the school.

For assistance with PowerSchool Portal Access- Contact the Registrar at your child's school.
For questions about Mental Health Opt-In Requirement- Contact the Counselor at your child's school.

Kendra Tatum

Mental Health Services Coordinator
256.859.1148 ext 63012