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The Madison County Schools Transportation Data:

  • 7,267 students transported via bus each day (2 routes/day)
  • 189 Regular Buses & 30 Mini Buses  (This does not include any backup buses for either type)
  • 239 Routes per day
  • 10,814 bus miles driven per day (2 routes/day)

In addition to transporting students, the Transportation Department also:

  • Provides transportation for extra-curricular activities
  • Performs inspections on all buses to ensure safety
  • Trains prospective bus drivers in commercial driver training programs
  • Maintain all district vehicles to ensure safety 

Daniel Spears
Director of Transportation
256.859.9447 ext 64030

Gregory Parkins
Supervisor of Transportation
256.859.9447 ext 64043

Rita Clardy
Administrative Assistant
256.859.9447 ext 64022

Brenda Bethune
Routing Specialist
256.859.9447  ext 64028

Amber Melton
Routing Specialist
256.859.9447  ext 64021

Transportation Facility
164 Shields Road
Huntsville, AL 35811