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The mission of Fine Arts is to increase the academic achievement, critical thinking, and creative expression of all students through the visual and performing arts.

The Fine Arts are an essential part of the K-12 academic curriculum and a critical component of every child's education. The Fine Arts extend, enrich, and augment academic  subjects and also promote social and emotional development and civic engagement. The arts serve as a creative fibers that connect students to a larger world.

Involvement in the arts is directly linked to cognitive ability, critical thinking, and verbal skills.  The arts also improve student motivation, concentration, confidence, self-esteem, communication, empathy, and teamwork, resulting improved attendance and a reduction in student dropout rate.

Entrepreneur Magazine recently published a list of “The 10 Unique Soft Skills Employers Desire in New Hires” that mentions skills such as creativity, focus, innovation, and dependability, all of which are acquired through participation in the arts.

Madison County Schools Visual & Performing Arts program provides opportunities that encourage all students to develop their capabilities and understandings within the disciplines of art, dance, and music.  This program balances the practice of creating with the artistic theories that equip the learner with additional methods of expression and communication. These skills of creative thinking, collaboration, iteration, expression, and teamwork are paramount in today’s world.

Arts In Education Infographic