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MCSS believes that high-quality Pre-K experiences prepare children for lifelong learning and future success.  The goals of our high-quality Pre-K programs include: social-emotional learning, language and literacy development, mathematical thinking, scientific thinking, physical development, and creative arts.  We strive to develop a partnership between the family and the school that enhances the learning experience for all children.
Madison County Schools participate in the following preschool programs:
Alabama First Class Pre-K (OSR)

The Alabama First Class Pre-K is a grant-funded program operated by the Office of School Readiness. Enrollment in these programs is based on a random selection process that takes place in the spring.The following schools participate in this program:
  • Central School*
  • Harvest Elementary
  • Hazel Green Elementary
  • Legacy*
  • Madison County Elementary
  • Madison Cross Roads Elementary
  • Monrovia Elementary*
  • Mt. Carmel Elementary*
  • New Hope Elementary
  • New Market School
  • Owens Cross Roads School
  • Walnut Grove School. 

*The Pre-K programs at Central, Legacy, Monrovia, and Mt. Carmel charge tuition for students to attend.

Please contact Kim Haynes at 256.852.2557 ext. 62263 or for additional information.

Developmental Pre-K
The Developmental Preschool Program provides specialized instruction and related services to improve kindergarten readiness skills for eligible students ages three through five.  Children served in this program exhibit a significant delay in one or more of the following areas:  cognition and problem solving; motor skills; communication; self-help; social emotional; and behavior.  For information about developmental Pre-K contact Nancy Hosmer at 256.852.2557 ext. 62220.

Kim Haynes
Preschool Resource Specialist
256.852.2557 ext. 62263

Nancy Hosmer
Developmental Pre-K
256.852.2557 ext. 62220