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Gifted Services

  • The Academic and Creative Enrichment (ACE) program provides pull-out enrichment services to elementary students identified as GT.  ACE enrichment programming is thematic and multidisciplinary in nature, and its content, process, product, and learning environment are administered differently than those within general education studies.  Students are encouraged to develop independent and self-directed study skills, higher level thinking skills, and products that use new techniques or expand existing ideas. Middle school and high school GT and high achieving students’ needs are addressed through a choice of advanced level classes, enrichment classes, extra-curricular activities, and dual enrollment where available. 
  • Alabama’s definition of giftedness and its referral process can be found in the Alabama Administrative Code beginning on page 571.  Please refer to the MCSS GT Procedures, ALSDE GT Page, and ALSDE GT Help Document for answers, and to your Resource Specialist, Gifted Specialist, or Resource Specialist for Gifted, Dr. Kathryn Powell.