Degrees and Certifications:

M.Ed., University of Montevallo

Mr. Evan Carter

Career Experience:
Sparkman High School
Art gallery framer, warehouse delivery specialist, shark fisherman, landscape architect, food service, and housing/residence manager.

2022 Classes:
English 12
Public Speaking

As is customarily normal, people I meet often ask me what it is that I do, and once they realize I'm a teacher, their immediate follow-up is an incredulous look, accompanied by, "Oh! What do you teach?" My response seems to frustrate a majority of the people who want a simple, forgettable answer. I tell them gladly that I teach students, which is apparently not the expected tack. I'm used to the blank stares and the looks of "come on man, you know what I mean," so I'll usually give them a conspiratorial smile and provide the addition that I help people learn to communicate better. I teach people lies (stories) so they can better understand the truth (how to live well in a chaotic world). It is then that the real conversation starts. I look forward to those conversations with each student that walks through my door this year.

updated 8/14/2022