About MCVA

  • Madison County Virtual Academy (MCVA) is a public school serving the students of the Madison County School System in grades 4-12.  Our school provides an online learning environment that allows students to be challenged academically, while maintaining a flexible schedule to accommodate outside interests and individual circumstances. Students have the opportunity to progress through courses at an individualized pace with the support of highly qualified teachers who customize content, adjust instruction as needed, and monitor student progress. There is no cost to attend but students are required to provide their own computer or Chromebook, Internet, and transportation to and from the learning labs.

    Grades 4-6 utilize the Odysseyware program, featuring courses aligned with the Alabama State Department of Education. The lesson design encourages collaboration between students and their teachers, allowing them to progress and practice at their own pace while receiving support and guidance as needed.

    For the 2021-2022 school year, Edgenuity will provide flexible standards-aligned digital content and curriculum for students in grades 7–12.  Courses are aligned to the Alabama College and Career Ready Standards and include rigorous, interactive lessons that keep them motivated and engaged.

    Numerous extracurricular clubs and activities are available at MCVA, but students may also participate in athletics, JROTC and band at their base school if they choose.

    At MCVA, we strongly believe that a parent's involvement in their child's education is the key to success. Our teachers are in frequent communication with parents regarding student progress so we can work together to ensure they are successful in online learning.