Elementary Education

  • Building a Solid Foundation
    MCSS elementary schools provide a wide variety of experiences and opportunities to prepare students for middle school, high school-- and beyond.

    Our Pre-K to grade 6 programs are designed to build a solid academic foundation while developing each student’s unique interests and strengths. With Arts Education, innovative STEM technologies, computing opportunities, and more, we are equipped to provide a 21st Century education.


    Elementary Education focuses on preparing students to be life-long learners and to master the knowledge, skills, and expertise needed to achieve success in college, career, and life as future members and leaders of the 21st century global community. 

    Our Teachers
    Our teachers are trained to address the multiple learning styles of young, active minds and to foster complex, creative thinking. The Pre-K to grade 6 years are a time of growth and exploration. Madison County schools provide programs and activities that incorporate the 5 C’s of relevant, project-based learning—Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, and Citizenship–into all subject areas so that students are actively engaged in learning and applying information.

    To learn more about each of our elementary schools  click on the links below. 


Contact Information

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    Karen Mardis
    Supervisor of Instruction
    Email: kmardis@mcssk12.org
    Phone: 256.852.2557 ext 61406