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  • <<<NEW>>>  Beginning October 1, 2019 PEEHIP will begin the new Choose Well, Live Well Wellness Program for the 2019-2020 Plan Year.  This program is a unique health solution that lets you manage and track your health in one place, including your required activities to earn your $50 monthly wellness premium waiver.  Coming this October, your Welcome packet from PEEHIP will include a welcome letter with the program  info including your specific activities to earn your premium waiver.    

    Please note:  No new activities will be required.  Going forward the existing required activities will remain the same to earn the wellness premium waiver.  

    PEEHIP Wellness FAQ Video

    PEEHIP Sharecare

    Spring 2020 Health Screenings 

    • Deadline to complete all required activities for the 2019-2020 school year is AUGUST 31, 2020
    • Spouses and Retirees enrolled in the PEEHIP Group plan are eligible to attend as well.  
    Please review the dates on the schedule HERE beginning March 10, 2020  through April 15, 2020.
    Click on your school to schedule your SPRING Wellness Screening
    *Remember to bring your insurance card to your screening* 


    • Choose/click on your school from the list
    • You will see listing of times available – if you see a green check-mark, then appointments are available for this time slot.  Under “Available Openings” you will see how many appointment slots are available for that time slot.
    • If you see a red check-mark – that means that all appointments for that time slot are full.
    • Please fill in your personal data to schedule the appointment.
    NOTE: It is always best to send yourself appointment confirmation by either email or text.  Spouses must obtain their own appointment slot.  If you need to cancel your screening, please call 256.301.6714. 
    If you need assistance, please refer to the following phone numbers: 
    PEEHIP:  1.877.517.0020
    Sharecare:  1.855.342.6809  Beginning 10/1/19
    Active Health:  1.855.294.6580
    ADPH:  1.800.252.1818

Wellness Screening Form