Welcome to Central

  • We are happy to welcome you and your family to Central School. Central is a school with a long-standing tradition of quality education with a caring attitude. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to providing every child with the best educational opportunity possible. We have been named a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence Lighthouse School as well as a CLAS Banner School. We are very proud of these achievements and the recognition it brings to our community.

    The faculty and staff of Central School want your child to have a positive and successful experience in this upcoming school year. As a parent you are the most important individual in your child’s life. Both research and personal experience show that although teachers, preachers, peers, and others influence your child’s life, it is the attitudes, beliefs, and behavior of the parents that children most often emulate. I cannot overemphasize how important you are to your child’s success in school. When parents stress not only the importance of their child’s education but also support, communicate with, and work with the school, the chances for the child’s success in school are greatly enhanced.

    The administrators, faculty, and staff of Central School have dedicated our lives to the education of youth. We want each student to leave Central prepared to be successful in the next part of his/her educational journey. Join us in this dedication and together we will make this school year an outstanding one for your child.

    If you need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

    Alex Hughes