To log into the Staff Site

    • Click the gear icon at the top left side of this webpage- next to the little "house" icon. SEE RED ARROW BELOW

    image of homepage

    • Log in with your MCSS username and password.
    • Once you log in, you will see For Staff at the top of the page, next to Staff Login.

    What if my MCSS password doesn't work on the website?

    If you can't log into the Staff site, your MCSS password may need to be updated. **Passwords are not updated through the website. You must follow the process IT has in place to update MCSS passwords.

    What if my MCSS password doesn't work at all?

    If you don't know your MCSS password, please submit a ticket to IT or contact your school's tech contact or principal to submit a ticket on your behalf.


First Time Login Instructions

    • If it is your first time to sign into the website, you may have a Terms of Use pop-up box appear.
    • Click ACCEPT in the Terms of Use box.
    • Click on FOR STAFF, which opens to the information directory.

Accept Terms of Use

  • terms of use box 1  . terms of use box 2