• MCVA utilizes a program called Odysseyware(OW), a national online program custom created for MCSS students.  Courses in OW align with the Alabama State Department of Education standards as well as MCSS grade level pacing guides.

    The OW program consists of lessons, quizzes, projects, performance tasks, and tests.

    All work, except tests, assigned by the OW program for the school day must be completed by midnight of the day assigned.

    Tests must be taken in one of the virtual lab on or before the due date. Tests must also be taken prior to the end of the 9 weeks(for 9 week classes) or by the end of the semester(for semester long classes).

    Students may place tests on hold until the end of the month in which the test is due, however, tests must be taken in the lab prior to the last lab day of the month or the end of the 9 weeks/semester class.

    Case Managers
    Each student will be assigned a case manager who will answer questions pertaining to the virtual program and MCVA requirments, as well as monitor all Odysseyware work. Case managers notify parents weekly about their child's weekly performance in the program and if a student does not been expectations.

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