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Learn About SchoolsPLP

Transcript of Learning About SchoolsPLP Video

  • Hello, this is Allen Perkins, Superintendent of Madison County Schools.

    As you know, we have rolled out our Reopening Plan for the 2020-2021 School year. Our original date to make a decision was July 20th, however woe would like to extend that deadline until July 24, to give you more time to decide what’s best for your child.

    Many of you have expressed an interest in learning more about our Virtual or Remote Learning Program we are offering. This option is different from enrolling in the Madison County Virtual Academy but it does have some similarities. It’s called Schools PLP…and this video is an opportunity to give you an idea of what this looks like.

    Your students will receive instruction via video… just as you are learning about this virtual program through this video.

    SchoolsPLP is a different plan than we first envisioned for Madison County Schools. At that time, the Alabama State Department of Education had not yet officially offered a virtual option to school districts. Once SchoolsPLP was offered to us, our district decided to utilize this program for our remote learning. Each school has designated certain teachers as ‘virtual learning teachers’. These teachers will monitor progress, answer student and parent questions, grade assignments that aren’t scored in the program, and provide other support and accommodations as needed

    What I’d like to do is to answer some of the questions you have asked us about this remote learning. 

    Q: How will this look for students? Each day students will log into SchoolsPLP, They will move through the 5 steps of each lesson. If they have questions or need assistance, they will contact their local teacher. 

    Q: Do they work at their own pace? Students can complete their work at a time each day convenient to them. However, weekly goals will be established to ensure students stay on track to complete their lessons by the designated time.

    Q: Is there a time frame for each lesson to be completed? Yes, the course would have to be completed in the same time frame as a traditional course (for example...9-weeks, semester, yearly)

    Q: When are teachers available? Only during school hours? What about evening hours? Yes, teachers will be available to provide support during the school day.

    Q: Can students do these lessons outside of the school day so that parents can work? Students can complete their work at a time each day convenient to them.

    Q: Are there CP or AP courses available? CP courses will be available. Several AP courses are available through SchoolsPLP. If a student would like to take an AP course that is not supported by SchoolsPLP, they should contact their school counselor for options.

    Q: How are students graded/assessed? SchoolsPLP has built in assessments that will be used to help determine a student’s grade for the course.

    Q: Will students be studying the same material as traditional students so that if they decide to transition back to the classroom they will be on track with those students? The courses in SchoolsPLP will cover the required standards for courses offered. Schools will work to align when these standards are taught to try and mirror the pacing of a traditional classroom.

    Q: What about ELECTIVES AND OTHER AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES? High School students choosing the Remote Learning Plan will be able to participate in on-campus elective courses at their high school if capacity allows and the high school offers the course. Please contact the school for more information. 

    Again, as I mentioned earlier, we are extending the deadline until July 24th.

    I hope this information answers many of your questions regarding our Remote learning program for Madison County Schools. If you have additional questions, please feel free to reach out to your local principal. Thank you.