What is WBL (Co-Op)?


    • At least 16 years of age
    • Classified as a junior or senior
    • On track for graduation
    • Possess the knowledge, skills, behavioral qualities, and abilities required to succeed in employment
    • Physically and mentally capable of performing the essential functions of the desired work-based learning experience
    • Successfully completed one CTE course or Career Preparedness
    • Acceptable attendance, grades and discipline record
    • Complete requisite documentation and process
    • Reliable transportation
    • Complete 140 work-based learning hours per credit/per semester


    • Earn and learn
    • Receive school-based and work-based training while attending high school and building your resume
    • Earn high school credit and a paycheck
    • Earn income and gain financial experience
    • Develop, demonstrate, and refine work habits
    • Demonstrate responsibility, maturity, job competency, and decision-making skills
    • Gain an understanding of the employment process and organizational structure of business and industry
    • Improve the transition from school to work and post-secondary opportunities
    • Learn to effectively communicate, network and build relationships
    • Early release from school to work
    • Develop a sound foundation for work ethic
    • Potential to raise GPA (provided all the requirements/submissions are met)


    • Choose Co-Op on your school registration form.
    • Seniors may choose up to two periods a semester.
    • It is recommended that Juniors only choose one period a semester.
    • Students may choose one semester or an entire year of Co-Op.
    • Complete online application 
    • Attend Intake/Onboarding (scheduled by Coordinator)
    • ​Complete necessary requirements* (will be discussed and shared at Intake/Onboarding)
    • Listing of students eligible to 2022-23 Co-Op provided to counselors for registration
    • All students must be actively employed by the first day of the semester