Student 2 Student

  • The Military Child Education Coalition's Student 2 Student (S2S) program is designed to welcome all students, military or civilian, new to our school. Transitioning students receive support, encouragement, information, and build relationships through this program.

    Student 2 Student is a student-led, faculty-advised program to welcome new students, especially military-connected students, into the MCES family.

    Members of the MCES S2S Team:

    • Josslyne Hulsey
    • Choloe McNeal
    • Caylie McNeal
    • Branden Campbell
    • Othniel Merchant
    • Kayla Halmark
    • Jemma Guthrie
    • Cassie Glass
    • mckenzie Stewart
    • Alyssa Snyder
    • Haeley Specht
    • Elizabeth Kelleroon
    • Kymedi Neal
    • Skylar McBride
    • Cedric Sullivan
    • Vanessa Barnett
    • Julie Johnson
    • Jakobi Turner
    • Annaelise Cothren

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