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Desegregation Order Information

DAC Committee Members

We are pleased to announce the members of the Desegregation Advisory Committee (DAC) in accordance with the Consent Order.  The Consent Order establishes the DAC to advise the Superintendent and provide input on the implementation of the terms of this Consent Order.

The DAC will be composed of one parent and one student representative from each of the high school feeder patterns.  Student representation will be chosen from the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Group.  The Director of Equity and Innovation for the Madison County School System will be a permanent member of the committee.  These members have committed to two-year terms.

  • Demetria Horton (Sparkman Family) - DAC Chair
  • Travis Key (MCHS Family)- DAC Vice-Chair
  • Nivea King (Hazel Green Family)- Secretary
  • Leviticus Billups (Buckhorn Family)
  • Amanda Estess (New Hope Family)
  • Dr. Rachel Ballard (MCSS)

Student representatives from each school family

  • Buckhorn Family representative
  • Hazel Green Family representative
  • MCHS Family representative
  • New Hope Family representative
  • Sparkman Family representative