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    Step 1: Click button above 👆 to sign in with your MCSS User & Password
    (See First Time login instructions below)

    Step 2: Once you sign in, this page will reopen- DO NOT SIGN IN AGAIN!

    Step 3: Look at top of page, next to Staff Login, to see For Staff

    Step 3: Click For Staff to see directory of options

    What if my password doesn't work?

    Most likely this is because you need to update your password.

    Passwords can not be updated through the website. You must follow the process IT has in place to update MCSS passwords.


First Time Login Instructions

    • Go to the MCSS homepage or any school homepage, click on STAFF LOGIN at the top of the page.
    • Enter your MCSS User Name and Password, click submit.
    • If it is your first time to sign into the website, you may have a Terms of Use pop-up box appear.
    • Click ACCEPT in the Terms of Use box.
    • If you don't see the ACCEPT box, move your cursor to the left of the I do not accept box and the ACCEPT box should appear. Click ACCEPT.
    • The Staff Login information page will reopen, but now at the top of the page you will see FOR STAFF next to Staff Login.
    • Click on FOR STAFF, which opens to the information directory.

Accept Terms of Use

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